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   Our family living in a secluded Karelian farm invites you to visit! Our names are Victor and Olga, our sons: Nikita, Vanechka and Egor. We will be glad to introduce you to the nature of North Karelia and rural life.

   Kormilo Farm is located 49 kilometers north of the city of Kostomuksha and 6 kilometers south of the village of Voknavolok. From Kostomuksha to the farm is an asphalt-dirt road, which is passed by any transport. 


   Welcome to the Samovar Museum! A collection of ancient steelyards and 250 samovars has been collected by us throughout the country and beyond. This is the only samovar museum in Karelia. During the tour you will learn a lot about the samovars and their history. You can visit the Samovar Museum at any time, the main thing is to warn us about your visit in advance.

  You can take a boat ride on Lake Cormilo, visit the chapel on the island. A beautiful pine forest invites to hiking and horseback riding, and 12 km away is the scenic Kenas threshold waterfall. For our youngest guests, a children's town was built with a swing and a trampoline. In winter, you can ride a sled or cheesecake. At our farm you will meet horses of the rare Tinker breed, Romanovsk sheep, alpacas, Samoyed sled dogs and see pheasants of exotic breeds.

  For group visits, the following programs are offered:

   A day at the farm (summer) - getting to know the farm and its inhabitants, gatherings by the fire, active games (soccer volleyball), visiting the museum of samovars, lunch, free time. A day on the farm (winter) - getting to know the farm and its inhabitants, riding a sleigh and cheesecakes from the mountain, visiting the museum of samovars, lunch, free time, visiting the chapel on the island (optional).

   Express program:


   For travelers (travelers). Excursion to the museum of samovars, lunch with homemade dumplings, teas with pancakes (WC).


   You can stay in guest houses for 4-6 people. The houses have all the amenities, including bedding (pillows, blankets). It is advisable to take bed linen with you, but if necessary, you can use ours. There is an option of accommodation in 2-3 local rooms in a small motel. There are also 4 local summer houses, parking for motorhomes, kitchens, showers, toilets. it offers guests baths in white and black, grills, barbecue, boats.

   Meals are organized individually, by agreement. The possibility of arriving with a pet must be agreed in advance.


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