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6 km from the farmstead there is an interesting and beautiful place - the village of Voknavolok, this is an old Karelian village that has existed since the 17th century, but its main highlight is not age, but “specialization”: it is a rune-singing village. Rune performers have long lived here and the Finnish ethnographer Elias Lönnrot has repeatedly visited, collecting runes for the future Kalevala epic. He had someone to listen to, because among the inhabitants of the village were representatives of ancient rune-singing dynasties.

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Two kilometers from the farm is a very picturesque and atmospheric place - the old Karelian cemetery in the abandoned village of Toloreka. The place is fascinating with its look and centuries-old atmosphere.


Near the farm is Kalevala National Park - a place with unique untouched nature, majestic lakes and the beautiful village of Sudnozero, which will surprise you with its views and charge the atmosphere of rural life of the Karelians.

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